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The AVC Startup Guide by Peter Ireland

This is the Internet classic on financing your startup which has been selling since 1996 and gets updated annually. Savvy entrepreneurs create money; rookies wait for someone to hand it to them. Don’t waste a year of your life making the same startup mistakes as others. Instead discover what works and what doesn’t before you even start. Click to order. 290 pages in pdf.

Zero to IPO by David Smith

The essential manual for anyone looking at starting a fast growth company financed with other people’s money. This manual does the best job I have ever seen of explaining the four possible outcomes for such a company. It uses a dramatic graphic called “Startup Island” to enable you to grasp the big picture. Startup Island has three peaks in descending order of elevation (i.e., valuation): IPO, cashflow sale, and asset sale. The fourth possible outcome is landing in the “Shutdown Sea.” (No, investor-backed companies will not be allowed to just limp along indefinitely.) Get this one so that you can sound as if you know what to expect when being drilled by potential investors.

Go Big or Go Home by Wil Schroter

This may well be the best book ever written on starting an online business and growing it fast. Real Fast.

Finding Fertile Ground by Scott A Shane

Still looking for the right opportunity? This book will help you to clarify your thinking and identify the do-able opportunities.

Get Slighty Famous by Steve van Yoder

A manual on marketing yourself as the “go to” expert in your field.

Business Articles

Richard Branson, entrepreneur extraordinaire. Short 6 page article reveals some of Branson’s secrets of entrepreneurial success. Article.

Rules to Live By and Break, by Thomas Stemberg, founder of Staples shares his as an entrepreneur. Article

Entrepreneurs Analyzed article written by an academic at Europe’s top B-School explores how entrepreneurs think.Article

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