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Who are Angel Investors and How to Find Them?

Angel investors are typically entrepreneurs themselves. They differ from venture capitalists in that they are investing their own hard-earned money into your company rather than that of institutional investors. They typically invest upwards of $25,000 all the way to $500,000.

Angel Investors

Angel Investors for Startups

Here are various sources of angel capital. Don’t waste your time chasing investors more than an hour’s drive from where your company is situated. Both angel and venture capital investing are face-to-face relationships. If something starts to go wrong at an investment, the investor wants to be able to reach it in no more than an hour’s car commute. They do not want to have to jump aboard a plane to hold an impromptu meeting with the management team.

It always amazes us how many first time capital seekers waste dollars couriering business plans overnight to a party on the opposite coast after the briefest of telephone or email conversations. Then they are shocked to realize that even small deals require multiple face-to-face meetings which they cannot afford.

Revenue-Based Financing

Revenue-based financing is finally emerging as a premiere marketing method for both startups and small businesses looking for expansion capital. Revenue-based financing utilizes an instrument called a Revenue Royalty Certificate to raise capital in the form of a hybrid loan. The RRC eliminates many of the problems that scare off potential investors.

Please note that this site does not in any way endorse any of these organizations and urges caution and a healthy dose of skepticism when dealing with all money middle-men and middle-women. National organization of angel investors

Winflow Financial Group Winflow Financial Group – helping entrepreneurs pitch their business.

The Angels’ Forum, LLC Silicon Valley/Bay Area organization of angel investors

Axxon Capital Axxon Capital is a venture firm that targets women and minority businesses.

The Dinner Club Mid-Atlantic organization of angel investors

Angel Investors Funding Mid-Atlantic organization of angel investors

Ohio/Midwest Angels Midwest organization of angel investors

Midwest Angels Midwest organization of angel investors

Walnut Ventures New England organization of angel investors

NYNMA New York organization of angel investors

Mindfirst Canadian organization of angel investors

Alliance of Angels Seattle organization of angel investors

Technology Capital Network (MIT) Boston organization of angel investors

Techcoast Angels California organization of angel investors

Central Coast Angel Network Central California organization of angel investors

International Angel Network California organization of angel investors

Isabella Capital Fund Isabella contributes intellectual and financial capital to early stage, women-led businesses

Angel Capital Network Sausalito California angel network

Angel Deals

SpencerTrask Match-making service for entrepreneurs and angel investors.

British Venture Capital Assn United Kingdom organization of angel investors

Tribe of Angels A community of angel investors for the Jewish business community.

Seraph Capital Forum Seattle angel investor network for matching investors with women entrepreneurs.

Springboard Enterprises A national angel investor network for matching investors with women entrepreneurs.

Women’s Business Center of NOVA Provides a match-making service for women entrepreneurs and angel investors in north Virginia.

Women’s Technology Network Provides a match-making service for women entrepreneurs and angel investors in San Francisco.

Women Angels A match-making service for women entrepreneurs and angel investors in the mid-Atlantic region.

Angel Investor News

Angel Capital Summit The Professional Alliance of Angel Investors

Atlanta Technology Angels Angel Investors in Atlanta

Band of Angels Former Group of Technology Executives

Gathering of Angels Rumor has it this group charges big bucks for the privilege of presenting to its members

Hub City Angels Angel investors in New England

New Mexico Angel Investors Group

Las Vegas based group of private investors

Australian Angel Investors Australian based group of private investors

The Best Startup Guide for Entrepreneurs

There is nothing smarter than learning from the successes and mistakes of others so that you do not waste time “re-inventing the wheel.” The teaches you the startup strategies and tactics of the founders of America’s fastest growing startups, the “Inc 500.” Most of these highly successful companies were launched without outside capital. “It can’t be done!” you say? Well, here’s proof positive that their knowledge can offered in a systemized manner you can apply to your own startup.

Investing in this manual is equivalent to spending a week with the founders of these fast growth companies. The only difference is that the manual is affordably priced.

Stop wasting time on dead ends such as business plans and chasing strangers for money.

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50 Responses to Angel Investor Capital

  • Hi
    I am a business owner and I am looking for startup funding for my company. I am the owner of 3 corporations Own World Corp, Stop The Hate Movement, and Real Beef Music Group I Have 2 business partners and there credit score is 550 – 590 if you can contact me and considerate working with me will be appreciated.

    David Hall

  • Dear Sir,

    I am very happy & it is my pleasure to share my Proposal with you Sir……, you have Lot of Funds for business support I have need of Funds for my Educative Entertainment Motion Movie Project. Please read the Attachments then take your Great decision Sir…….,
    My Self I am Maddirala Venkatakishore Founder & Solo Proprietor of An Independent Educative Entertainment Motion Movie production Company “SS Chalanachitram” and I am from India. I am sending My Detailed Project Proposal along with Budget Estimation and also with My Identification & Address Proofs.
    I need $ 400,000 USD Capital/Investment/Loan for my very low budget just $ 457,000.00 USD in Three language version English,Hindi & Telugu & I was already Invested $ 55,755 of the Total Budget So I need $ 400,000 USD to complete my Movie Projects. Kindly note that at present I am unable to pay any upfront fees or Charges why because I was already invested all my amounts including own house sold amount $ 55,755.
    My heartfelt sincere request for your kind concern is My Project also 100% Good Commercial International Project Ever Produce high returns with Income Producing very short term & High returning Commercial Project with Great World Wide Publicity.
    I am inviting you in World’s Largest Entertainment Industry in Production & World Second Largest Entertainment Film Industry in Business after Hollywood it is nothing But INDIAN ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. 100% safe Investment Industry ever in the World for Investors.
    The real wish of The God is that when he was in Creation of Humans and Other Things & Articles Etc… Etc….
    ”Respect Human & Use things & Articles” But in Reality our Approach & Patrice we are doing “Respecting Things & Articles Using Humans.” Please Support Who is thinking for others. Please support me Sir…,
    At Present I have Nothing to pay any charges or fees to your Company.And also Collateral/Mortgage.
    Briefly about my Project :
    1. I am Maddirala Venkatakishore & I am From India.
    2. My Movie Project was 3 language versions (English, Hindi &Telugu) Movie Project.
    3. My Script based on just 2 Character 1) A Software Engineer suffering with Suicidal tendency. 2)The God
    4. My Script Content was Based On Suicidal Tendency. I am doing this Movie project to Educate who are suffering or Thinking about suicidal tendency because my real life Incident force me to do this attempt & I want to educate them through Visual media with entertaining method, I want to Rise world wide debate on suicidal tendency.
    5. My Movie project Budget estimation was $ 457,000 USD
    6. I was already Invested $ 55,755 USD on This project.
    7. My Requirement was $ 400,000.
    8. Project Duration 48 Months.
    I will return the Investment Amount total with 25% Interest per Annam, with in four years in three Equal Installments in 36th,42nd & 48th Month respectively.
    10. Total re back will be $ 500,000. $I
    11. I will give World wide Publicity about Investor/Lender/Investment Group/Investment Company Services in my Movie Picturization. My Project was International Project so we have Great chance of Good publicity about your Services & Businesses.
    12. In India & All over World so many People, Entrepreneurs & Business Organizations are seeking Investment or Loan for their Businesses with my Movie I will send a Great Platform that they have a Greater way that “Investor /Lender /Investment Group/ Investment Company.” helps them to get Loans/ Rise Capital.
    13. I will Donate Profits of these project to “Mother Theresa’s ” Missionaries of Charities.” Organization.
    Please Consider these points then give me your replay to me & please support me to implement my movie Project.
    So, please invest on my project with out any up-front fees.
    For Your Kind Information:
    I have no Idea about an English film Average Budget.
    The Average Budget of an Indian Movie: $ 510,000 (Rs 3.72 Cr)
    Hindi Movie Average Budget: $ 1,000,000 USD (Rs 5.23 Cr)
    Telugu Movie Average Budget: $ 390,000 USD (Rs 2.41 Cr)
    Movie project Average Budget (Hindi and Telugu Versions) $ 465,000 USD (Rs 4.82 Cr)
    But My Movie project Budget English, Hindi and Telugu was $ 457,000 (Rs.1.9 Cr) Only.
    We have 100% chance to get back more than our Investment return on . I was already sold Hindi & Telugu versions Distributional rights for $400K USD. So we have 100% safe returns on Investment. so there is no chance of loss. Sure that we have 101% chance to get good returns on our movie project….. just in Sold of Satellite channel rights only
    I want to tell you that….
    I am doing this Project just for Heart satisfaction not for pocket satisfaction. So that with in two years I will return your entire amount along with good interest.
    At Present I have nothing to pay any charges or fees to your Company. And also Collateral/Mortgage.
    Business Plan:
    I have a New Business Plan to promote my movie project world wide but at present it was confidential.
    My heart full and sincere request to you and your friends I am going to try my level best to make a movie to educate those people who are suffering with Suicidal tendency with my knowledge. I know that I am doing.
    The real duties of Human Hands are…..
    Great duty of Human Hands ” to serve others”
    Good duty of Human Hands ” to help others”
    Nice duty of Human Hands ” to support others”
    Normal duty of Human Hands ” to do our daily activities”
    Bad duty of Human Hands are ” to harm others”
    These are the duties of Human Hands……..
    Project Name in English Version:
    My God with Me…
    Project Name in Hindi Version:
    Kya milaa….marnese
    Project Name in Telugu Version:
    Veedhata tho Vinay
    So kindly give me Your Working Capital or Loan & an opportunity to make my movie project I feel it was my life ambition. To reach my goal I need your blessings and encouragement.
    My Account Details :
    Account Holder Name: Maddirala Venkatakishore
    Account Number: 31217042809
    Name of the Bank: State Bank of India
    Name of the Branch: Bhadrachalam
    Branch Code: 10685
    IFSC Code: SBIN0010685
    MICR Code: 507002111
    Thanking you All,
    M.Venkatakishore (9866405512)
    mail me:

  • I am looking for an investor for my business in beauty supplies..not really which way to go or who to talk to… Any out there that can help me??

  • I am seeking $150,000 for 15% ownership of my gourmet take-out hamburger restaurant in Las Vegas. I do have a business plan and more than happy to meet, share and demo myself and operation if you are local for further details. Also you can email me and/or call me at: (702) 439-1966

  • Hello I’m looking to start a children’s entertainment/party business where families can have a safe and fun indoors theamed party. I’m looking for start up funding and possibly a partner. If your interested please feel free to email me.
    Brandi thanks

  • Good day I started a take away diner in January, and all went well, until they brake in 4times, and I lost every thing. I’m in urgent need of some money to build my Take away, can some one help me Please?

  • Hi

    I am a small business owner and I am looking for startup funding for my company. I own a toyota hiace bus which I am currently doing employees and charity organisation one off transportations on a hire basis.

    I am looking for funding and for a partnership to establish a reliable transport services for all industries and institutions.If you can assist and consider working with me will be appreciated.I can be contacted on
    # +675 7309 4239
    Lorraine L Koraha

  • I am a new entrepreneur in Ghana who is looking for investors to support me establish irregation farm projects by production fresh and dry vegetables for local and international consumption.
    Any investor interested should contact me.

  • Hi I am the owner of a fitness company and I am looking for a partner or investors to finance a state of the art gym. I plan to return partner’s or investors’ principal with in a 3-5 year period. Business plan available to interested and accredited investors. Location Tampa Florida. Experienced management team ready. For more information email me. Thank you for your time.

  • Good afternoon I looking for a investor to help with start up funding for a family entrtianment center in Kingston, Jamaica. I would really appreciate someone to contact me ASAP via or 786-343-0171 and please leave a voice mail. Thanks

  • I am trying to get funding to start a company that will grow real diamonds in a laboratory. I’m expecting this to be a very high profit business compared to revenue.

  • I am Evans Mose in Kenya. We have alot of opportunities for investors, from hospitality, IT(software), energy, gamming, education etc. Any investor interested to do market research, please contact me urgently.

  • I am seeking funding for a startup business. I have a complete business plan for a startup Mediterranean specialty market, fresh meats, fish, produce, prepared foods, for the long island area. with a growth rate of 19% for the industry its one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. We seek capital in the amount of $1,000,000.00 for development, equipment, Location, working capital. We have a team of support with over 150 years of experience in the food industry we are ready and able to start the moment we get funded.

  • Please contact me with your interest. Thank you

  • I send you this proposal as a great investment opportunity to invest in Serbia. If you are interested, you can be strategic partner or you can buy HTP Fontana in Vrnjačka Spa. It is a hotel company, which owns several hotels, villas, restaurants and cafes in the most famous Serbian spa.This company is in the process of restructuring and for this process in charge is Privatisation Agency of Serbia.Company currently has 176 employees and the Government of Serbia is ready to give to potential investor or new owner of the company, a grant of up to ten thousand euros for each employee.All in all, this is a profitable company and you can buy it for a relatively small sum of money. I am interested to be your Investment agent here in Serbia.In the second case I am interested for procurement of funds with your help because I want and I have intention to buy this company.I have experience as For a decade I have working on a projects in the tourism industry . I work as a project manager in the tourism organization. In this case, I can provide as a collateral only complete HTP Fontana in Vrnjacka Spa.
    If you are interested, I can send you more details about this company. In anticipation of your reply and hoping to our possible cooperation/
    Please take a look this company info:


    1 Basic information

    HTP Fontana is located in Vrnjačkoj Spa, at Sava Kovacevic No.6. Basic information about the company:

    * Full name of the company: HTC “Fountain” AD Vrnjačka Spa
    * Short name: HTP “The Fountain”
    * Address: Sava Kovacevic 6, Vrnjačka Spa
    * Registration number: 07177364
    * Main activity: Hotels and similar accommodation
    * Activity Code: 5510
    * Legal Status: Open Joint Stock Company
    * Number of employees: 176

    2 Capital Structure

    The current ownership structure of the HTE “Fountain” Vrnjačka Spa Inc – The restructuring is as follows:

    1 Privatization Agency 69.99981%
    2 ARIOUS Limited 19.78452%
    3 Yuco-chemistry 6.70930%
    4 Shares owned by individuals 3.41383%
    5 Shareholders’ Fund AD Beograd 0.03897%
    6 Euro SFC Group Ltd. 0.02679%
    7 Institute for Economic Research 0.02679%

    Decision of the Privatization Agency 104190/09-125/02 from 29.09.2009. procedure was initiated restructuring enterprise HTP “The Fountain” AD – Vrnjacka Spa.

    3 Location

    The seat of the company HTP fountain in Vrnačkoj Spa, Central Serbia, near Kraljevo Krusevac road and 60 km away from the highway Belgrade-Niš. The geographical location of the the Spa as well as other features and characteristics spas have made it the most visited and most famous spa in Serbia. In Vrnjačkoj Spa are 5 mineral waters are used to treat a wide range of diseases.

    4 Property

    All real estate HTP “The Fountain” AD-Vrnjačka Spa, located in the Vrnjačkoj Spa, except for the hotel Beli Izvor, located on a nearby mountain Goc. HTP Fontana has the following facilities: Hotel “Star” Hotel “Star 2 – under construction” hotel “The Fountain,” hotel “Freedom” hotel “Beli Izvor” on the mountain Goc, Villa San, Switzerland Cafe, Restaurant and coffee Snežnik Goc.

    4.1. Hotel Star

    Centrally located the Spa
    Year of construction / renovation:
    11,445 m2
    Storage capacity:
    207 beds in rooms and apartments
    Convention center with 5 meeting capacity of 1,200 seats, a covered swimming pool, jacuzzi, bowling, sauna, table tennis room, a bar, two restaurants

    4.2. Hotel “Star 2″ in building

    Centrally located the Spa
    Beginning of Construction:
    11,086 m2

    4.3. Hotel “Fontana”

    The central zone of the Spa
    Year of construction / renovation:
    9.172 m2
    Storage capacity:
    450 beds in rooms and apartments
    2 restaurants, bar, TV room, terrace with a view of the park, indoor swimming pool, sauna, massage room, parking space

    4.4. Hotel “Freedom”

    The Spa town center, next to the hotel “Star”
    Year of construction / renovation:
    3.935 m2
    Storage capacity:
    180 beds
    Restaurant, summer terrace

    4.5. Hotel “Beli Izvor” with annexe

    Goc Mountain, 17 km from the Spa
    Year of construction / renovation:
    1293 m2
    Accommodation facilities:
    80 beds

    4.6. Villa “Dream”

    Central Zone of VRNJAČKA spa, on the central promenade
    Year of construction / renovation:
    678 m2
    Restaurant with 80 seats + 70 seats on the terrace apartments

    4.7. Café “Switzerland”

    Centrally located the Spa
    238 m2
    Cafe restaurant, pizza restaurant, summer terrace …

    4.8. Restaurant “Sneznik”

    In the immediate vicinity of the mineral water “Sneznik”
    630 m2
    The atrium, a restaurant on a covered terrace

    4.9. Café “Goc”

    Centrally located the Spa
    238 m2
    Cafe restaurant, summer garden

    In addition to these facilities, which are tourist-character, HTP “The Fountain” has the following facilities:
    * Administration Building, in the center of the Spa,
    * The central warehouse, 382 m2,
    * Confectionery, 154 m2
    * Laundry, 365 m2,
    * Central heating, 75 m2
    * Two flat.
    The total area of all buildings of over 40,000 m2.

    5 The number and structure of employees

    As of 01.04.2013. The HTP “The Fountain” had a total of 176 full-time employees.

    Age structure:
    From 20 to 29 years, 44 workers, or 25%
    From 30 to 39 years, 46 people or 26%
    From 40 to 49, 53 people or 30%
    Over 49 years ago, 33 workers, or 19%
    The average age is 39 years.
    Qualification Structure:
    Unskilled workers, 18 or 10%
    Semi-skilled workers, 21 or 12%
    Workers from the third level of education, 60 or 34%
    Workers with IV level qualification, 50 or 28%
    Highly skilled workers, 9, or 5%
    Workers with a college degree, 9, or 5%
    Workers with a high school education, 9 or 5%
    Average monthly gross earnings per employee was 35,789 RSD (Apr-310 E) and net earnings 26,012 RSD (Apr-225 s). These data refer to the 2012th Year

    To byu this company, I need 30 M euro on fiften years with 3 year grace period.

    With respect!

    Yours kindly,
    Ljubomir Šujeranović
    Project manager
    Tourism organization of Kladovo Municipality,
    19320 Kladovo, Dunavska 16 a
    Republic of Serbia
    T: +381 60 5 888600
    F: + 381 19 801 690

  • I am a seasoned business professional from the US working on a BPO project in Kenya. We need an angel investment of at least $250,000. We possess contracts sufficient to generate revenue immediately. Please email if interested in receiving a prospectus, details of of current operations, and expansion plans. The goal of this project is not only to generate profit, but also to develop higher paying jobs in Kenya in support of the large pool of qualified, university educated graduates. +254 717 897 358 for text, for email.

  • I am in need of 350k for aquisition costs on a 9.5 million
    commercial property. I need the money for 3-4 months , 6
    months tops. I am willing to pay hard money interest rates
    on the 350k, and also offer the investor after closing and
    his 350k paid back with interest, a 10% equity payout every
    quarter for the life of the loan. I am also willing to put
    up my 45% ownership of my 5 million self storage facility
    along with 75k cash sitting in escrow.

    The self storage facility is grossing close to 500k last
    year will gross over that this year. The property is worth
    5 million with a debt service of 2.3 million that leaves 2.7
    million and 45% of that is 1.2 million take away expenses it
    is worth 750k. i hope this helps like i said I need to
    move quickly on this, any questions please dont hesitate to
    call .


    Joe ortelli

  • My startup with the first of its 8 scalable projects recently launched in beta mode is looking for $100k to grow the business. Our first product is a social and educational word game. It’s fun to play, helps build vocabulary, and boosts creative writing skills too. A pro version will also be built in the future helping with grammar. It has a ready made market of 50m unique users to market to with brand trust factor.

    The second app will be a complete reinvention of Scrabble eliminating the #1 dislike of Scrabble/WWF players. To achieve that the game needed to be reinvented from the bottom up while keeping it feeling the same to the player. My design does that.

    There is also a quantified-self health app planned for development.

    The other five apps in the project will all be marketable to our expected strong demographic user base of moms, and students.

    The startup founder has recently relocated to Mountain View CA to make things happen with its own team. Previous work was bootstrapped & successfully crowdfunded to pay for outsourcing. I’m looking for an active angel (or 2 angel friends coming in together) in the south bay area interested in educational gamification, and quantified-self health who’ll mentor as we build a world class business.

    Simon 502 627 9042 (CA based) Let’s meet for coffee? Massive bonus points if we can meet somewhere dog friendly.

  • Well, my investment isn’t very complex.I have started about 5 months ago a Cabinet & Countertop installation company for multi- family oroject mainly in the southeast region! Basicly, I’m in search of cash flow for these jobs so that I can be more efficient and not worried every week on how I’m going to pay my crews! I have contracts both current and future months up till about july 2014! That said couple of these companies pat net 30 to 45 days which has been nothing but a struggle, everyday with me only hoping I will come out of it and be able to back myself, by doing the ole rob Peter to pay Paul method……ugh! My credit is junk because of a divorce and a granite fabrication buisness I had to close because if price cuts do to the recent economy problem s! I am owed money that on net 30 and also have contracts that pay weekly but hold retainage which general leaves me with just enough to pay emplyees and supplies…I believe that u have a basic idea of my postion! If I had say 15000.00 a month to handle travel expemses and payroll I would be much more efficient and be able to expand and do more projects abroad, where is now I have to wait on checks to make moves to further myself!

    Please someone contact me and I will answer any questions I just need a break! Working capital of 15, 000.00 a month/ interest oaid monthly to investor!
    Please help I have contracts for both current and future work

    Southeastern Installs L.L.C
    George Wright

  • Hello investors, my name is Anthony Rogers (pin name Muscles). I am the author and creator of Detroit Rich Boys. Currently, I am finishing up my screenplay adaption of the same story and seek $150,000 to convert it into a feature film. I have a business, marketing, advertising, and distribution plan. I have a film technician with 2 years experience and an young up and coming director name Sean Babas that are both committed to work with me when i get the funds for this project. I have a detailed pre and post production plan. Detroit Rich Boys is an autobiography story about gang violence in one of the most popular (and violent), schools in Detroit history, Mumford High.. It’s an educational story about teen violence in the 80s. The creator of CSI, the creator of New Line Cinema and many other celebrities attended Mumford High School. I also seek investors for my other project, a documentary story about my father, the first black clay modeler in auto history. check my website for George Rogers history and awards. Thank you.

  • My name is Carl L Coombs III currently in the final stages of a new venture launch. The last challenge I face is finances. My fiance and I have been planning a micro distillery for many months. Our products will be based off personal family recipes. Current production plans and current market values this venture will cost roughly $500,000.00 to start and yield nearly the same amount in profits it’s first year of operation. If interested in hearing details and would like to meet up to talk (New Jersey) 609-579-8227. Just some fast tips, This investment will be for a 30% stake in the company. This business model has the potential to produce over $2.75 million profit at max output per distillery in accordance to the legal limit allowed to produce per license. With a market size of 150 million people spread out over 3 city locations the market is in demand and I look forward to working with someone trying to fill that cap!

    If interested in this venture please email me or give me a call at any time. As a side not serious inquiries only.

    // Carl Coombs
    Arllyn, LLC
    CEO & Co Founder

  • Hi my name is Elsa Petrick, my husband and I are trying to raise $200,000 to purchase the Laser Clinic. The company is currently operating. We have our business plan, marketing plan and projections for the coming year. Please email or call me for the oppportunity to meet. I can be reached at 239.745.1277 , we are in Chesapeake, Virginia

  • Hi, my name is Emeka David from Nigeria, i run a transportation tech startup that uses mobile and web apps to connect working class employees and firms to private business class buses with Wi-fi connectivity and on-board refreshment. Our tagline is: AIRLINE ON GROUND.

    Nigeria is the biggest market in Africa and any investment will yield a high RIO. We plan to break even in Six month. We looking for an investment of 200.000 USD. Thanks

    Contact me at

  • Good morning, do you provide seed capital or startup capital to companies in France?

  • Dear Jesus, we pray that you deliver unto us some mighty needed startup capital for our new bible camp which will open in the summer of 2014.

    Don’t let us down.

    Deliver your cash to

  • Hello Startup Junkies,

    We have an urgent need of startup capital for the following.

    Angel Investor
    September 2012 – Present (1 year 3 months)Lesotho

    CaféPod have a simple vision – to create more coffee moments. We’re on a mission to bring high quality espresso home. And we’re doing this through a blend of the best of both worlds – nature & technology.
    Angel Investor
    May 2012 – Present (1 year 7 months)London, United Kingdom

    A revolutionary hotel brand for ‘Alpine Explorers’ seeking value for money yet contemporary comfort with flexible stays, easy bookings and online extras.
    Australian Investment Network
    Director and Angel Investor for Seed Capital
    Australian Investment Network
    July 2005 – Present (8 years 5 months)

    Australian Investment Network is the Australian branch of Angel Investment Network Ltd, which connects entrepreneurs and business owners with private investors and business angels worldwide.
    Angel Investor for Startup Capital
    August 2011 – Present (2 years 4 months)London, United Kingdom

    HiNet seeks to be the leading B2B automated reporting provider to Trust Companies and other offshore financial advisors allowing them to seamlessly gather, consolidate and rapidly distribute financial reporting information to their client base at the click of a button.
    Caribbean Investment Network
    Director and Business Angel
    Caribbean Investment Network
    July 2005 – Present (8 years 5 months)

    Caribbean Investment Network is the Caribbean branch of Angel Investment Network Ltd, which connects entrepreneurs and business owners with private investors and angel investors worldwide.
    Central Investment Network
    Director and Angel Investor for Startup Capital
    Central Investment Network
    July 2005 – Present (8 years 5 months)

    Central Investment Network is one of the the US branches of Angel Investment Network Ltd, which connects entrepreneurs and business owners with private investors and business angels.
    Chinese Investment Network
    Director and Business Angel r for Seed Capital
    Chinese Investment Network
    July 2005 – Present (8 years 5 months)

    Chinese Investment Network is the Chinese branch of Angel Investment Network Ltd, which connects entrepreneurs and business owners with private investors and angel investors worldwide.
    Hong Kong Investment Network
    Director and Angel Investor
    Hong Kong Investment Network
    July 2005 – Present (8 years 5 months)

    Hong Kong Investment Network is the Hong Kong branch of Angel Investment Network Ltd, which connects entrepreneurs and business owners with private investors and angel investors worldwide.
    Indian Investment Network
    Director and Business Angel
    Indian Investment Network
    July 2005 – Present (8 years 5 months)

    Indian Investment Network is the Indian branch of Angel Investment Network Ltd, which connects entrepreneurs and business owners with private investors and business angels worldwide.
    Irish Investment Network for Startup Capital
    Director and Angel Investor
    Irish Investment Network
    July 2005 – Present (8 years 5 months)

    Irish Investment Network is the Irish branch of Angel Investment Network Ltd, which connects entrepreneurs and business owners with private investors and angel investors worldwide.
    Mid-Atlantic Investment Network
    Director and Business Angel r for Seed Capital
    Mid-Atlantic Investment Network
    July 2005 – Present (8 years 5 months)

    Mid-Atlantic Investment Network is one of the the US branches of Angel Investment Network Ltd, which connects entrepreneurs and business owners with private investors and business angels.
    Middle East Investment Network
    Director and Angel Investor
    Middle East Investment Network
    July 2005 – Present (8 years 5 months)

    Middle East Investment Network is the Middle East branch of Angel Investment Network Ltd, which connects entrepreneurs and business owners with private investors and angel investors worldwide.
    Midwest Investment Network
    Director and Business Angel
    Midwest Investment Network
    July 2005 – Present (8 years 5 months)

    Midwest Investment Network is one of the the US branches of Angel Investment Network Ltd, which connects entrepreneurs and business owners with private investors and business angels.
    New England Investment Network
    Director and Angel Investor
    New England Investment Network
    July 2005 – Present (8 years 5 months)

    New England Investment Network is one of the the US branches of Angel Investment Network Ltd, which connects entrepreneurs and business owners with private investors and business angels.
    New Zealand Investment Network
    Director and Business Angel
    New Zealand Investment Network
    July 2005 – Present (8 years 5 months)

    New Zealand Investment Network is the New Zealand branch of Angel Investment Network Ltd, which connects entrepreneurs and business owners with private investors and business angels worldwide.
    Scandinavian Investment Network
    Director and Angel Investor for Startup Capital
    Scandinavian Investment Network
    July 2005 – Present (8 years 5 months)

    Scandinavian Investment Network is the Scandinavian branch of Angel Investment Network Ltd, which connects entrepreneurs and business owners with private investors and business angels worldwide.
    Singapore Investment Network
    Director and Business Angel r for Seed Capital
    Singapore Investment Network
    July 2005 – Present (8 years 5 months)

    Singapore Investment Network is the Singapore branch of Angel Investment Network Ltd, which connects entrepreneurs and business owners with private investors and business angels worldwide.
    South African Investment Network
    Director and Angel Investor
    South African Investment Network
    July 2005 – Present (8 years 5 months)

    South African Investment Network is the South African branch of Angel Investment Network Ltd, which connects entrepreneurs and business owners with private investors and business angels worldwide.

    Roderick Hill
    (510) 516 1001

  • Dear Investor
    I have been in spa industry for 16 years and operate an exclusive spa located in a semi-government clubhouse. We have been operating for more than 7 years and we are actively seeking investor to open another branch. We provide body andbface treatments including body contouring. All our machine equipments are patented and medical grade.

    We have already viewed the premise, A garden spa with 7 couples rooms with a big outdoor jacuzzi and ready to operate.

    Our spa is popular after local celebrities endorsement and we have more than 7 thousand database. The opening of The Garden Spa will certainly be the talk of the town.

    Therefore, I would like to invite investors to invest now and let us do what we are famous. To provide pampering services with passion and dedication. Because you will be surprise to how lucrative spa and beauty industry can be.

  • the brains behind a prior start up venture…am basically merging travel with finance..a platform that supports the growth of the domestic tourism sector and international budget traveller in east africa…it also increases the spending power by the locals on tour products in the market…great pontential here with a business model of a kind..and guess what!..other players wont even see us coming…ive spent almost all my savings on am flat out…am looking for an investor or a partner looking to do business in kenya, for more /

  • My partner and I are looking for startup capital of approximately $25,000-$50,000 for a fitness and health facility. We have another investor who is going to pay for the build out of the gym. The size is approximately 5,000 square feet. We plan to have a variety of Les Mills fitness classes, yoga, pilates, spinning, high intensity interval training, bootcamps, physical therapy, senior classes, etc. We will also have weight and cardio equipment. The facility will have a child care room and locker rooms and will be 24-hour key card access. This will be a woman owned business. We are in the midwest in a town that is ripe for growth for the type of facility that we want to offer. Please assist us in making our dream come true.

  • Viable housing / hospital & hotel projects available and looking for Investors who are interested to invest money in Sri Lanka.

  • Hello,

    My name is Yvonne I have an e-commerce start-up business designing, manufacturing and selling ethnically inspired bags,shoes and accessories,apparel etc.. I am looking for investors to help me launch this new venture.I have a prove track record of launching two other ventures. This is a great investment opportunity with great revenue stream. All inquires are welcome. Thanks

  • Good Day! My name is Lois and I am a entrepreneur in Florida. I am looking for $200k to open a restaurant/nightclub on Panama City Beach. Have perfect prime location walking distance to mall and more than a dozen resorts on beach. Have experience in managing, cooking and the operation of restaurants and clubs. I have a AA in Business Management for Enrepeneurs and working on my BA in Marketing. Spring break is just around the corner and can repay quickly. Please call or text me at 850-768-3734 or email at
    Thank you
    Lois Cypher

  • We are entertainment Company looking for serious investment from around the world. We do music, movies and book publishing. We have access to all the resources to take our music to the top spot. Please take a look at the website provided or just copy and paste “” and also check “WorldstarVEVO” at YouTube. This is not worldstarHip-Hop there is no relation what so ever. To request our Business plan and to get with us please write to

    World Wide Visionary entertainmetn, Inc.


    God bless in advance.

  • Any investor interested in opaque beer brewing contact me

  • I want to start a business in kenya as a internet Service Provider.It is at a time when Kenyans are embracing technology at a very high rate, and this posses an unique opportunity to provide internet services.I intend to purchase a heavy volume bandwith to from a top internet service provider.

    The Firm will require USD 100000 to start up,inclusive of the legal registration and lincesing,initial infrastucture layout,office setting,equipment and software purchase and bandwidth purchase.

    My business will mostly deal with residential internet provisions to various apartments in major towns. The company will deliver connections via Wireless (WI-FI) as well as Local Area Netorking(LAN) platforms.We also target to install various schools, especially the upcoming Universities with internet conection to facilitate students learning online and to promote research work on their laptop pcs.The administration may tend to purchase a high bandwidth for students or else the students are to subscribe weekly or monthly at a fair price.we targetting over 50 estates of approximately 15 apartments each and 20 universities and college Hostels within the first three months of operation.

    I am full of confidence.First, I am in my 3rd Year in MOI UNIVERSITY,KENYA.I know what challenges we,students, go through.I have carried out a convincing market research and i have all the conviction that the idea is gonna produce millions in no time.

    we will provide a super fast and reliable internet conection via fibre optic cables to various households to enhance quality, reliability,conviniency and customer satisfaction.In schools,the students are embracing the use of ipads,tablet pcs and laptops,this means they can get the internet service through these WI-FI enabled gadgets.This will bring conviniency in their studies because they can access internet.secondly, young peolple in Kenya are hooked to social sites and internet availability means a ready market for our services.

    We intend to engage the use of high tech equipments (hardwares and Softwares)to enhance billing procedures as well as management and database systems to enhance customer subscription.We intend to charge a single user ksh 3000 monthly fee for 3Mbps bandwidth in apartments and ksh 1,500 for students.

    50 estates with 15 apartments each can provide 750 clients and 20 University hostels can provide upto 2000 users in total.

    750*3000= ksh.2,250,000 from apartments
    2000*1500= ksh 3,000,000 from students

    making ksh.5,250,000 per month

    Once funded i will dedicate my whole self to ensure establishment of the company to realize the targets.

    i am looking forward to work with you.

  • Am a elijah in kenya am seeking to raise fund to start company for making chachaol briequent using sawdust and other waste is a vaiable bisiness .please investors interested contact. email:-

  • I am a real person trying to start a real business this is a new concept to the area i live in, nothing like it in this state and I need to find investors can someone please help me??

  • Entrepreneur, musician, and promotor. I am surrounded by unique and top notch talent including myself. The talent I am surrounded by makes me fit to be the next big thing in the music industry. I am seeking investors interested in investing in my company. I need $100,000.(USD) start up money to expand my record / entertainment company. With this start I can launch my Record Company and take the world by storm. The talent I am surrounded by makes me fit to be the next big thing. This start up money will help me get to the next level and go down in history as one of the best musicians and entertainment company. Promotion and marketing money will take my company to the next level. Please assist me in reaching my goals and dreams. Start up money is the only thing between me and becoming a successful musician. Please contact me Texroy at; (876-297-7769). My website address is; ( Thank you for your time and in advance! Best Regards, Texroy Elliott

    Let me get to the point..
    I am reaching out to You and staff because I have a Business Plan That I believe will change the future and in the funding stage. I was wondering if you help invest in Start ups.

    My company will change the Gaming Industry dramatically Which is a over $30 billion dollar industry easily with a way to Tap Into a huge amount of these monies. My model works with helping issues with Gun Violence, Obesity, Job Creation and Social Media as well as help many other industries. This is due to the positive message we will create. Unifying thought through like-minded individuals.

    This is a Growth Business and any direction is possible, not only one or two but All. Through ideas created by my team and most importantly through our customers which are the youth to adults. Planting a seed of positivity in everything we do.

    Steve Jobs said it best ” The person who is crazy enough to think he can change this world, is a person who is just crazy enough to do so.”

    I’m looking for 10 mins of your time to show you this plan. So question to you or your staff is..

    Do you… Or do you know of anyone, who would be interested on hearing my Future Change plan?

    Thank you for any considerations :)

    Be Joyful :)
    Christopher Ten – 407-900-4378

  • :smile: Need a investor immediately for holistic project. Have buyers on standby. All natural Viagra, AIDS, holistic herb that drops blood sugar levels by 60%. Blood pressure herb. Buying property immediately. Need to have herbs ready. Contact me at Or

  • Hello my name is David Henry
    I’m the owner of headzup music, I’m looking for someone to help me get this company up and running .. This industry is a trillion dollar industry I’m looking to share the profit and willing to do all the work. The only thing I need is cash flow and great advice. Please help! Thanks for reading.

  • I’m looking for a start up loan to build an indoor bmx/sk8/younger child play facility in the heart of Richmond VA downtown
    Business plan
    College area new customers every year guaranteed
    Solo buisness in the area
    Community/police support guaranteed
    Contact me @

  • Hello, I’m seeking for an investors to invest $20,000 for 5% of my company. I am in promoting, I have connections with artist and I’m ready to get the ball rolling. Another option is I’m asking for $10,000 with 20% ROI ( return on investment ) within 4 months. Call me (248)416-3937 or email thanks.

  • if your looking for a great business investment, we have a startup company C.A.T Trailers Inc which stands for Custom Aluminum Trailers.

    our designs are unlike any on the market today they will be highly sought after immediately by major trailer retain chains, tractor supply companies, home depot, lowes. garden centers, motorcycle dealerships, UTV/ATV dealers. custom car shops, anyone seeking a Trailer, will search for these trailers, which we plan on having available in every state, at every retail trailer dealer, nationwide.

    if you want to own 49% ownership into this very lucrative company, and make Huge returns on your investment, this is the only company for you to become part of.

    if you wish to discuss this further, email me. I am seeking an silent investor partner $650k, and once ive located one, I will no longer accept any offer, thanks Raymond Helmer /CEO/ C.A.T. Trailers Inc.

  • With Regards
    Herewith we would like to introduce my company name is Prima Nusantara CV from Indonesia, intends to offer business cooperation in the field of “Road Marking Paint & Road Marking Machine” look so the rapid development of Road Construction in particular. We need startup loan about $ 35,000. Paint markings / road signs are mandatory equipment in the work of paving, and road marking paints to see players who are still not much we try to offer this cooperation. We hope can build business cooperation with the Angel Investor.
    Thank You For Attention.

    CV Prima Nusantara
    Tri Hardiyanto
    (Director) / +62811-9994849 / +6221-29283784/ +6221-29283785
    Address: Ruko Aralia Block No. HY 43. 47, Harapan Indah, Bekasi, Indonesia
    Please Visit Our Website:
    And My Email :

  • Good afternoon!
    I am looking for an Investor to help with funding our small family owned and operated Gun Business. My husband and I started this business in 2009 with little to no money and have grown to a well known and respected Gunsmithing Shop/Retail Store. We mainly do repair work and custom gun building. We would love to be able to purchase the necessary kits, parts, etc., to build all variants of AK’s and AR’s but lack the upfront $$.
    We live in Virginia Beach, VA, have strong Military ties in this area, and know this is a much wanted & needed service in this area. I appreciate you taking the time to read my request and I can be reached via email at:

    Thank You!
    Amy W.

  • Thank you for taking the time to review my proposal. My company is called Grease Lovers,a conscience 2014 environmental company dedicated to having cleaner water in Atlanta. There is over 500,000 gal per month in Atlanta being poured down kitchen sinks. This has led to nearly 1,000 raw sewage spills into local rivers and lakes in the last 5 years. Repair costs for Dekalb County alone have been $1.35 billion. Grease congeals in city municipal pipes causing backups. When municipal pipes begin to clog, spills occur polluting lakes and poisons fish that humans consume.

    What we do is recycle used cooking oil from apartment communities. We set up recycling bins at all the trash receptacles and supply tenants with 1 gal containers that they keep in their home. After cooking ,they pour the grease into these containers instead of down the drain. When full, they can take out the grease with the trash. Tenants dont love the idea of making grease “disappear” down the drain,but until Grease Lovers,there was previously no convenient options.

    The newest service we offer is our Grease Lover Machine GLM. This machine looks like a vending machine, but instead of putting money in to get a snack, it pays you for recycling grease! The tenants love it! The Grease Lover Machine has an ATM style magnetic card reader that puts points on customers’ card that he can redeem for cash and prizes.

    We have approximately 200 apartment communities wanting us to installthe GLM machines. In Atlanta, there are nearly 3,000 communities that we want to provide our services to. The oil that we collect is all sold to companies that make biodiesel at a price of $2.25/gal. Each apartment community generates approximately 50 gal/mo. In addition, each GLM has an HD screen for the purpose of advertising for 6 businesses. We charge $20/mo for small local businesses to advertise.

    We are looking to purchase 100 Grease Lover Machines at a cost of $4,500 each for 20% stake in our firm.
    Jared Wilrye

  • i need a loan

  • Dear Sir/Ma,

    We have direct providers of Fresh Cut BG, SBLC and MTN which are specifically for lease. Our bank instrument can be engaged in PPP Trading, Discounting, Signature Project(s) such as Aviation, Agriculture, Petroleum, Telecommunication, Construction of Dams, Bridges, Real Estate and all kind of projects. We do not have any broker chain in our offer neither do we get involved in chauffer driven offers. We deliver with time and precision as set forth in our agreement. Our terms and Conditions are reasonable, below is our instrument description.

    1. Instrument: Bank Guarantee (BG/SBLC)
    2. Total Face Value: Min of 1M Euro/USD (One Million Euro/USD) to Max of 5B Euro/USD (Five Billion Euro/USD).
    3. Issuing Bank: HSBC, London or Deutsche Bank Frankfurt or any Top 25 WEB
    4. Age: One Year, One Day
    5. Leasing Price: 5.0% of Face Value plus (0.5+X)% commission fees to brokers.
    6. Delivery: Bank to Bank SWIFT.
    7. Payment: MT-103.
    8. Hard Copy: Bonded Courier within 7 banking days.

    All relevant business information will be provided upon request.

    If Interested kindly contact me via Email:~
    Mr. Carl Abrahamsson
    Email: @

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