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Who are Angel Investors and How to Find Them?

Angel investors are typically entrepreneurs themselves. They differ from venture capitalists in that they are investing their own hard-earned money into your company rather than that of institutional investors. They typically invest upwards of $25,000 all the way to $500,000.

Angel Investors

Angel Investors for Startups

Here are various sources of angel capital. Don’t waste your time chasing investors more than an hour’s drive from where your company is situated. Both angel and venture capital investing are face-to-face relationships. If something starts to go wrong at an investment, the investor wants to be able to reach it in no more than an hour’s car commute. They do not want to have to jump aboard a plane to hold an impromptu meeting with the management team.

It always amazes us how many first time capital seekers waste dollars couriering business plans overnight to a party on the opposite coast after the briefest of telephone or email conversations. Then they are shocked to realize that even small deals require multiple face-to-face meetings which they cannot afford.

Revenue-Based Financing

Revenue-based financing is finally emerging as a premiere marketing method for both startups and small businesses looking for expansion capital. Revenue-based financing utilizes an instrument called a Revenue Royalty Certificate to raise capital in the form of a hybrid loan. The RRC eliminates many of the problems that scare off potential investors.

Please note that this site does not in any way endorse any of these organizations and urges caution and a healthy dose of skepticism when dealing with all money middle-men and middle-women. National organization of angel investors

Winflow Financial Group Winflow Financial Group – helping entrepreneurs pitch their business.

The Angels’ Forum, LLC Silicon Valley/Bay Area organization of angel investors

Axxon Capital Axxon Capital is a venture firm that targets women and minority businesses.

The Dinner Club Mid-Atlantic organization of angel investors

Angel Investors Funding Mid-Atlantic organization of angel investors

Ohio/Midwest Angels Midwest organization of angel investors

Midwest Angels Midwest organization of angel investors

Walnut Ventures New England organization of angel investors

NYNMA New York organization of angel investors

Mindfirst Canadian organization of angel investors

Alliance of Angels Seattle organization of angel investors

Technology Capital Network (MIT) Boston organization of angel investors

Techcoast Angels California organization of angel investors

Central Coast Angel Network Central California organization of angel investors

International Angel Network California organization of angel investors

Isabella Capital Fund Isabella contributes intellectual and financial capital to early stage, women-led businesses

Angel Capital Network Sausalito California angel network

Angel Deals

SpencerTrask Match-making service for entrepreneurs and angel investors.

British Venture Capital Assn United Kingdom organization of angel investors

Tribe of Angels A community of angel investors for the Jewish business community.

Seraph Capital Forum Seattle angel investor network for matching investors with women entrepreneurs.

Springboard Enterprises A national angel investor network for matching investors with women entrepreneurs.

Women’s Business Center of NOVA Provides a match-making service for women entrepreneurs and angel investors in north Virginia.

Women’s Technology Network Provides a match-making service for women entrepreneurs and angel investors in San Francisco.

Women Angels A match-making service for women entrepreneurs and angel investors in the mid-Atlantic region.

Angel Investor News

Angel Capital Summit The Professional Alliance of Angel Investors

Atlanta Technology Angels Angel Investors in Atlanta

Band of Angels Former Group of Technology Executives

Gathering of Angels Rumor has it this group charges big bucks for the privilege of presenting to its members

Hub City Angels Angel investors in New England

New Mexico Angel Investors Group

Las Vegas based group of private investors

Australian Angel Investors Australian based group of private investors

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Investing in this manual is equivalent to spending a week with the founders of these fast growth companies. The only difference is that the manual is affordably priced.

Stop wasting time on dead ends such as business plans and chasing strangers for money.

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If you are outside of the USA there’s nothing we can do for you.

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84 Responses to Angel Investor Capital

  • Hi to you investors I am a Cameroonian residing in the capital city Yaounde.My family and I have more than 40 acres of unexploited land which is a famly inheritance.We have already done feasibility studies on the land and we have proof on paper.We wish to embark on second generation agriculture and we are seeking a joint venture from any angel or a grant.The project in itself is up to 1 000 000 USD.But for a start, we need 500 000 USD.So that we can start having return on the crops that can produce in 2 to 3 months.
    We look forward in hope to receive your favorable reply angels and are ready to doing business with you or we will be very grateful if you help us with a grant.Our aim is to export in the longrun these products to other parts of Africa and out of Africa thus contributing to combatting the food crisis in the world.
    We are ready to give more details on this very credible project.Thanks for this opportunity

    Mr. Jean

  • Get funded within 49 hours! We are the number one Internet funder for American businesses of all types. Available in all 50 states! Go here!

  • I recently stared a private government contracting business and in the first two months won around $300,000 in awards from government agencies such as The Dept. Of Interior, US Army and The Bureau of Land Mgt. to name a few. I am seeking investors to help finance these contacts on a per contract basis in return of a percentage in the profit per award. I can be reached @. 229-883-0125 or

    Clint Hightower
    Government Sales and Contracting

  • I am 37 with a culinary school qualification and would like to start a food truck business but have no funds please help.

  • Dear Investors,

    I’m a Manager of Operations and have been working 10 years for a company that own four restaurants fast food, I have helped the owner to open three of them, but now I can say that i have enough experience to run my own business but I need a loan of $40 k. I have everything on writing about the concept to develop and I will be more than happy to meet you and explain my business plan.
    Thank you so much in advance for your help.

  • Dear Sirs,

    I introduce myself to you as a searcher of investment funds from Angel Investor funds or other sources of Investment capital venture for establishing and creating my Start-up business Trading Company.

    Can you support my start-up business trading company with your high control and supervision?
    If yes, i can communicate you my Business Plan as below:


    Business Plan of Rice Storage project


    Section 1: The Product and The Business Profile

    Description of Product

    The rice or paddy is a consumable grain having several colours but two colours are leaders that the beings human like a lot for their consumption: white and brown, with long and short grains. There are several varieties of rice e.g parboiled brown rice, white rice, basmati rice, jasmine rice, calrose rice, etc. too much liked more than other rice varieties.

    The rice has its initial origin in Asia continent. The rice is too much produced in Thailand, India, Pakistan, China, Viet-Nam, U.S.A, Brazilia, etc., but sold on all the continents. This comestible grain served in the food of beings human worldwidely and eated under several forms of food. This above foodstuff is an agricultural product.

    In the developed countries mainly and mainly at the United States of America (U.S.A), where the sciences and the technologies are much and much highly advanced and developed, extract or pull out comestible oil from the rice sounds. The rice flour without sounds is utilized and eated under diversified foods by the beings human. And the rice sounds after oil extraction, these rice sounds are transformed in rice cattle cake served in the alimentation of poultry and livestock under the form of composed or mixed preparations of nutritional aliments very suitable for these alive beings. But before all those different above mentioned steps, the rice has been decorticated of advance after the harvest.

    Of the rice growing/producing in passing by its different steps of transformations evocated above has given the birth of industries of fabrication, of agricultural tools, machinery, and transformation factories, etc., contributing thus at the economic development of these countries with a sound and fair environment.

    The background of rice or paddy introduction in African continent is dated of a distant, or a farest-away period and is tied or binded at the colonial and imperialist story period that I can not stay here to reveal, to evocate or to comment in my business plan.

    Description of my Business

    I plan to market a complete line of rice. The product line will be designed in my home office, ordered, imported and sold in Benin markets in particular, and in general in bordering countries markets.

    Targeted Markets and Customers

    My customers will be discount department store chains or stocks and bonds or bonded warehouse with good credible ratings and reputations for cash prompt-payment. These will include domestic, local, national and regional markets.

    Growth Trends in this Business

    This information will need to be targeted to my own intended product.
    Can I document from trade sources the anticipated rate of growth of my agri-food chain industry? If industry sources are not available, I will need to give a logical explanation as to the trend and potential of my intended market. This segment will provide me and my backers with information as to whether the market for my product is growing or shrinking.

    Pricing Power

    I will not initially enjoy pricing power in marketing my Company purshased product. Discount chains will be primarily interested in price. In order to achieve lower costs than my larger competitors I plan to do the investigation about our competitors prices.

    My ultimate goal is to build a line so unique and promote it so effectively that consumers will be willing to pay a premium. My long-term objective is to build a market that is not entirely based on price. My unique features will include: quality, and prices.


    Section 2: The Vision and the People

    I have had a long-term plan to be in rice business for myself and to utilize the specialized business knowledge I have gained. The business relationships I have developed include vendors, discount chain buyers and provision resources. These provision resources will permit me to import the product in revolving transactions, and to maintain the constant markets.

    The reasons that I feel my plans are realistic are the hunger, and the poverty. I am the right person to pursue this opportunity by raising investment fund from the international investors sources permitting me to realize my agribusiness project based on agri-food chain industry which have as objective to guarantee the food security.

    There are special market conditions that are favourable to my getting started at this time. They are: the quality of product, and the price competitiveness, and others.

    The people Work Experience Related to my intended Business

    My work experience has been as follows:

    I exercised as agent in a Company of Forwarding and Clearing Agency for long time ago about more than twenty years ago. This Clearing Company usually and often cleared and forwarded rice therefore like too much rice business transactions more than the other goods and also i was enough near of my Boss and i followed him carefully step by step of rice transactional activities. Finally my boss become also rice business dealer. And this is in his different phases of rice business activities where i read so much lessons to prepare myself to become my own future Boss for my own future Trading Company which will deal exclusively rice transactions.

    According to my vision, a privately owned Trading Firm will be legally created and will be fully registered.

    Today, i am at my own account and want to value my rice business experiences richly accomplished.

    This ambition push me today to launch myself in the international financial capital markets to look for investors for my business rice storage project.

    I enough sufficiently have a lot of professional experiences in these rice business transactional activities and also i am very active and diligent to give to my Boss customers the quality of good allowances of services that they appreciated too much with satisfaction.

    My Boss Clearing Company and his dealership in rice businesses goes today to profit me too much to exercise, to manage efficacely and easily the rice transactions of my future Trading Company. I present him here my sincere thanks and gratitude in my rice storage project business plan. And also i profit here to present my sincere thanks and gratitude to my future investor to have saved my ultimate goals and dream.

    Personal Backgrounds

    I am a business Administrator, Manager, Developper, marketer.

    In the past, I participated in the following activities: Football match clubs.

    I have also taken the following courses and seminars: My Own Business Internet Course, strengthening my English Studies in trading business and the management of international business, etc.

    My hobbies are: sport all the week-ends (run, walk, etc. on the play station.

    My ongoing education includes susbscriptions to the following professional journals: La Nation, The Matinal.

    Already when i worked with my previous Boss, I belong to the following professional and services oeganizations: National Association of Rice Importers, Club of Business Men and Women for the trade business development, also feeded by ambition, i will be member of the Chamber of Commerce as soon as our Company is established.


    Section 3: Communications

    Computer and Communications Tools

    I plan to have all computers and communications tools with latest technologies.


    Section 4: Organization and Insurance

    Business Organization

    I plan to form a corporation for my business. It is my intention to grow my Company into a large firm with international relationships. The initial and ongoing costs of operating as a corporation will be a necessary business expense. Also, since a properly run corporation will afford me some limits of liability, I feel this is the right form of business for me. I intend to depend on my attorney to handle all aspects of setting up the corporation and maintaining proper corporate records.

    Professional Consultants

    I feel it is important that my team of professional advisors be in place during the exercises of my business:

    Insurance Agent:
    E-Commerce Consultant:
    And other:


    Section 5: Premises

    Location Criterias

    During my start-up phase of approximately 1- 2 months, I plan to operate out of my home office. Once my business is established, my initial office requirement will be approximately with two private offices and a secretarial area.

    Nearest future growth plan include warehousing of merchandise. I will be incurring large lease obligation which will be carefully reviewed.


    Section 6: Accounting and Cash Flow Accounting

    I intend to engage a professional accountant and plan to work with him to knowing: internal revenue service for business dealing with purchasing, sales, etc and periodical inventory.

    Business records: I will keep my Company accounts and records separate from my personal records.

    Tax issues: My accountant will help me set up records for payments of social security tax, estimated income tax payments, etc.

    Internal controls: My accountant will also help me set up appropriate controls for handling funds in my business including inventory policy and controls. Purshasing, capital acquisitions and signing of checks will not be delegated.

    Cash Flow Planning

    My cash flow analysis including estimated sales, all costs and capital requirements. I will include a checklist of all expense items for input into my cash flow projections.

    Internal Controls

    My accountant is experienced in my type of business which includes international
    trade. He will help me set up a system of internal controls to make sure that my Trading Firm will receive all of its incomes without any of it being siphoned off by waste, fraud, dishonest employees or carelessness.

    This will include an inventory policy including who can sign for goods and services and who controls the release of goods and services out the door. Included in the internal control policy will be the requirement that the only person authorized to sign purshase orders, make capital acquisitions and sign checks will be myself personally.


    Section 7: Financing

    Financing Strategy

    My requirements for start-up capital are as follows:

    I will need first the list of expenses for which I will require either start-up capital or financing. These items include buying supplies, getting a computer, equipment and fixtures, tooling, and start-up overhead expenses. These expenses are included in my monthly cash flow projections to indicate the ongoing requirements for cash.

    While I will not be depending on banks for financing/investing, there will be other resources available to me such as Angel Investors funds and other favourable financial structures. My referrals include the following helpful contacts with the organizer of tontine, my accountant, friends, relatives, etc.

    I am prepared to make presentations to potential Angels Investors. My presentation kit includes this business plan. I will be prepared to be specific in my needs for financing, the payback program and my sources of repayment. I will furnish potential Angels Investors a cash flow projection, capital requirements and interests showing sources of repayments and I will be conservative in my forecasts.


    Section 8: E-Commerce

    E-commerce Plans

    A website focusing on business-to-business E-commerce will be an important tool in my overall marketing program. I plan to build and install the website which I prepare myself for registration. This will permit my discount department store customers to have access to my product line and to order (and reorder) merchandise via
    website. I plan to hire Agent from Benin Telecoms E-commerce Consulting Company or other structures to design, install and maintain this site.

    The feature of the site will include:

    It will be easy to use with good navigational features and prompt loading.
    The site will provide useful content including detailed information about all items in my product line.

    Purshasing procedures on a B to B basis will be designed and implemented.
    I intend to use the site to generate client feedback to help improve every aspect of my product line, operation and business procedures.

    E-Commerce Budgeting

    The budget for design, implementation and star-up of the E-Commerce site will be
    determinated. This is based on a firm contact with Agent of Benin Telecoms E-commerce Consulting Company or other to have competitive services. The estimated monthly maintenance cost to support the site will be determinated.

    E-Commerce Competition

    The use of business-to-business e-commerce has become standard in my industry and is an important marketing tool. It is my intention to maintain a website that will project the image of a fresh and dynamic resource to my customers. I plan to keep abreast of the website development of my competitors and to constantly improve my site.


    Section 9: Marketing

    Marketing Plan

    I plan to focus all initial marketing efforts on establishing a beachhead at one large discount department store chain. I will personally be responsible for the contacts with the appropriate potential buyers. My complete line will be presented as a package including display accessories that tie into the merchandising policies of each chain. Initially my price structure will be based on a maximum markup from 15 to 25% in order to provide a strong price incentive. I will be depending on the combination of fresh styling, quality and price to break into this market.

    Advertising and Promotion Plans

    Initially my advertizing and promotion will be done on an entirely personal basis without any budget for paid advertising. My customers require personal visitation by the CEO’s of their vendors. It will be my plan to limit my advertising budget to personal travel expenses in making these presentations and follow-up presentations.

    Mid Range Plan 1 to 2 months): To establish brand recognition at the whole level, I plan to budget 0,5% of my sales to joint advertising with my discount department store customers. I will solicit presentations from local advertising agencies.

    Long Range Plan: I plan to progressively build brand recognition and loyality by budgeting 0,5% of sales which will be allocated between space advertising in trade journals, appropriate consumer magazines and joint advertising with my customers.

    Purshasing and Inventory Controls

    For replenishment of stocks I plan to participate in just-in-time tracking with my customers, utilizing their on-line business-to-business computer systems in place. As much as possible, warehousing will be kept to a minimum by use of direct and rapid delivery systems. The Following procedures will be implemented.

    Any sales payment will be cash. Not to discuss, not to negotiate
    An inventory control system will be maintained.
    All merchandise received will be counted and inspected.
    We will pay our contractors on time and be loyal to them.

    Purshase Orders will include:
    Price and terms
    Price protection
    Always in writing
    Complete specifications
    Delivery deadlines
    All promises will be verified in writing
    Appropriate contingencies will be included in purshase orders
    Any changes or extras must have prior approval in writing
    Internal controls will be in place for shipping and receiving

    Training Policies

    Initially I will personally handle sales to my discount department store customers. As my business expands, I intend to continue marketing to wholesalers. I will hire sales associates who can gain the confidence of big buyers who want to deal with vendors that are knowledgeable and helpful. To achieve these qualities I will look for the following characteristics in marketing employees. People who:

    Like what they do
    Are quick learners
    Project a pleasant and positive image
    Like people and relate well to them
    Are helpful to customers and follow associates
    Are ambitious and seek to grow in responsibilities

    I will follow a checklist in hiring marketing associates:

    Have a hiring policy in place including written salary structures, commission,
    compensation and perks.
    Create job descriptions for everyone.
    Conduct ongoing marketing meetings.
    Have written policies and procedures on handling customer complaints.
    Maintain clear guidelines for pricing policies and handling customer’s inquiries.

    The Competition

    My existing competitors are also private Company, and a brief sketch including to whom they sell. The tabulation of these competitors that I can provide is composed only with peoples who sell without any regulations.

    How I Plan to Take Advantage of Competitors Weak Points

    My competitors who have more than a 20 year history of success and has gained good brand-recognition but who have developed a large overhead structure which I will have and will have more than them . They are also slow to make changes and upgrades to their line of products. I plan to overcome their leadership with fresh new designs, artwork and attractive packaging and to be priced very competitively. I intend to continually introduce additions and refinements to the line.

    Also, my end-user profile is for any class of families who are not impressed by old-line brand names. Operating with a very low overhead, I can gain a foothold in this market. A similar profile of my other principal competitors is enclosed indicating their weak spots and how I plan to capitalize on these deficiencies.


    Section 10: Growth program Expansion

    Once my business has been established I plan to implement the following growth strategy. I anticipate it will take approximately 6 months to gain sufficient and more experience and level of profits before any expansion plans are implemented.

    My growth strategy will be guided by the following:

    I will not set an inflexible timetable for expansion but will wait until a sound basis of experience, earnings and cash flow is achieved. (If I intend to expand as a chain of stores or units, here’s where I should take a stand to say that my initial pilot operation will be on a sound earnings basis before I begin to add more units.)

    Accounting and cash flow controls will be in place with profit and loss statements prepared for individual expansion units on a (monthly, etc) basis.

    Internal controls for both accounting, money handling and inventory will be in place.

    My attorney will review all documentation regarding expansion. This will include leases, employment and incentive agreements, licensing and franchise agreements, important commitments with vendors and customers, etc.

    It is my intention that expansion plans will not change my policy of taking adequate time for my family.

    Hiring and training policies will be in place. Fringe benefit plans will be in place.

    My intention is to delegate authority and responsibility to expansion management personnel with the following conditions in place:

    1.Managers will be motivated by a profit incentive plan which will be tied to manager’s individual success. My plan will be in writing, simply stated and call for frequent periods of accountability.

    2. Capital allocations and signing checks will not be delegated.

    I intend to maintain an ongoing study of my competitors. Their successes and failures will help me form guidelines on what to do and not to do.

    Handling Major Problems

    My policy in handling problems will be to identify and acknowledge problems promptly and honestly. I plan to put the following policies into effect promptly if and when the following adverse scenarios emerge during my growth program:

    The risk of running out of cash: I plan to maintain very frequent ( twice monthly) cash flow projections. Forecasts for income, expenses and unanticipated contingencies will be stated conservatively. Any periods of cash deficits will be remedied promptly by cutting costs to maintain a positive cash flow and profitability.

    A drop in sales or insufficient sales:

    1. I will be prepared to take prompt remedial steps by cutting costs.
    2. I will improve every aspect of product value, performance and image.
    3. I will seek out new ways to expand sales by creation of sub-retailers
    4. I plan to stick with this specialized business that I know best unless fatally defective.

    Dishonesty, theft, shrinkage: I intend to implement the same policies that have been proven by my competitors.

    Business recessions: I am prepared to promptly cut costs to maintain liquidity. I will also be on the lookout for good business opportunities during periods of adversity.


    Section 11: Orders & Sales Restrictions

    No restriction for Orders and Sales


    Section 12: Government Support & Regulations

    Government Support and Regulations

    My Project respond well and is perfectly in the context of Government economic development and investment program. Our Government wish the welcome of any overseas and international investors to come in Benin to invest in any business areas economically, environmentally, and socially sound.

    Specific Government incentives and support available to project

    The government welcomes the project realization and wish the good governancy and the transparency in the partnership with overseas investors, and guarantee at level the facility of administrative formalities.

    Outline of government regulations on exchange controls and conditions of capital entry and repatriation:

    As all Governments, the Government have always a look on exchange controls of all huge funds or money on currencies which enter or exit in the country must be justified with some proof or evidences documents as support.


    Section 13: Timetable

    Timetable envisaged for project preparation & completion

    The timetable is very important for the project promoter who are preparing actively a project to submit it to an Investor:

    Start date: October 1, 2014
    End date: September 30, 2019
    Maturity: 5 Years

    Promoter Contact:

    Project Initiator
    03 BP 3223
    Cotonou – Benin
    HomePhone nr: 00229 21381040
    Mobiles nrs: 00229 97216621 – 90906412

    Date of submission:


    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Project Initiator
    03 BP 3223
    Cotonou – Benin
    HomePhone nr: 00229 21381040
    Mobiles nrs: 00229 97216621 – 90906412

  • We are looking for an Investor / Business Partner / Active Partner for compliting and start production of a new high performance engine 4 stroke (138HP) for ultralight aircraft, experimental, helicopter, UAV, and hovercraft. Perhaps You or Your company can be interested in. Or You know sameone which can be interested in.

    Thanking You in advance.

    Best Regards

    Lucio MELI

  • Hello, There are 4.8 million miles of road in the U.S, each and every day we travel these roads unaware of the possible danger this on the road around us from flatbed trucks. On the picturesque roadways of the U.S, flatbed truck accidents all too often create an unsafe, ugly scene. Of the roughly half million truck accidents that occur each year flat bed trucks make up a great portion—both through collisions and unsecured cargo.
    A flatbed truck is a large vehicle used for commercial purposes with a minimum gross weight of 10,000 pounds, discounting the weight of any passengers or cargo.
    Many flatbed truck accidents are caused because of the load they are carrying, logs, among other types of lumber, are generally transported using flatbed trucks. Sometimes when a flatbed accident occurs the load on the truck are shifted forward due to the impact, and come crashing into the cab of the truck after crushing the cab guards.
    Flatbeds are used to haul many types of loads, including motors, cranes, building materials, concrete beams, dry wall ect. These loads have to be “tied down” to the flatbed and secured thoroughly. The drivers of the flatbed truck are also required to periodically stop their trucks, check their loads and ensure that their cargo is secured properly and that there is no cause for concern. Even though flatbed truck drivers are careful for the most part, sometimes errors in securing the load adequately, or failure to regularly check the loads while on the road can lead to a serious flatbed truck accident. The MOTORIZED TIE DOWN is designed to drastically cut the handling of the “old ratchet tie down” method in half and safely secure the loads to the flatbed the user will simply press a button. Drivers no longer have to be exposed to hot or cold elements or after hours of driving have to roll a messy strap up, this design is made to safely and cleanly retract in its casing and stores easily, also with a built in sensor there will be a two way L.C.D sensor that fits on a key ring that will alert the user if any tension is lost on their load the driver can remotely tighten the Motorized Tie Down from inside the cab of the vehicle (Sold Separately). There will be many different sizes and all will be color coded for the rating of the load. I’m looking a partner to invest $100,000 for 15% stake in the company I’ll do all of the marketing research every step that’s taken you will be informed of. This company is in it’s early stages and I’ll be glad to let you know what has been accomplished so far please feel free to contact me at anytime @ 1(773)983-5461 .

  • Have Not Films, LLC, is an international team of industry professionals composed of award-winning writers and filmmakers that have joined together with the intent of specializing in the development, packaging, and distribution of motion pictures for global theatrical, television, and digital-delivery (VOD) markets.

    Have Not Films will bridge the gap between mainstream audiences and the more discerning independent film market by creating cerebral but ultimately extremely entertaining content—with a large slate of projects spanning genres, audiences, distribution mediums, and budgets. Our diversity is our strength, which gives us an uncommon ability to develop and brand content that captures entertaining and marketable stories.

  • Dear Erik

    We’d like to introduce you to explain an important and interesting project for American Market, where you’re Leader Operator, from Italy : Risamore, or better the good risotto in 180 second (or less).

    After 48 years of Fiera del Riso, and million of cooked risotti, I and a Verona group guys decided to organize and to produce a kind and system of cooking rice to make a special risotto in 180 second.
    It’s a revolutionary system.
    We’ve prepared to introduce in USA Market a quick cooking risotto, but with special high quality and good taste
    It’s a quick system of cooking risotto, but with the solutions to be
    gluten free
    high taste
    It’s a quick system of cooking risotto, but also
    brioche and cake for breakfast
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    It’s a quick system of cooking risotto, that
    produces ebit and profit – and you can see the London planning attached
    is present in Verona Galassia, Verona Airport, Krakow, in dec in Milan, and surely in 2015 in Berlin and London
    is righ to organize and to set up a Master Franchisee in USA with you relationship and Advisor

    We’re your disposal for any more informations, details, solutions
    We’re in Usa at 17-20 in Las Vegas for an important Intenational Meeting of GMN International, and we hope to meet you or any American interesting operators. ….

    Thanks a lot
    Massimo Gazzani

  • Batam island, December 8th 2014

    Dear: Good Investors

    Dear Sirs.
    We are a good Indonesia low cost housing developer need US10,000,000.00
    softloan for our property business in Batam island. Could u help us to realize this softloan?
    Thanks, may God bless u!

    Sincerely yours,

    Mr. Yan Pasa

  • Dear Angel investors. We just acquired a nightclub through a 5 year lease with a continuation of an additional 10 years and more. The club is 10,000 sf with two floors, located in the Washington Metropolitan area. Our goal is to convert the club into a premier Jazz supper club/ Restaurant, with the first floor showcasing that of talented jazz musicians locally as well as headliners across the country. And the bottom floor will be converted into a premier cigar lounge, one of the first in the county with the services of an in house restaurant. Renovation has started for the first floor , however, we are short on capital to complete the project. Given the huge potential for this upcoming establishment, we request an investment loan in the amount of $40,000 to complete the renovation of the project by mid January, in time for a grand opening of mid February.

  • Dear All
    We need to growth with specialist like You in the American market, and Washington is ideal to set up.
    I’d like to introduce you and to explain an important and interesting project for American Market, where you’re Leader: Risamore, or better the best risotto in 180 second (or less).
    After 48 years of Fiera del Riso, and million of cooked risotti, I and a Verona group guys decided to organize and to produce a kind and system of cooking rice to make a special risotto in 180 second. It’s a revolutionary system in the food market of quality rest
    We’ve prepared to introduce in USA Market a quick cooking risotto, but with special high quality and good taste
    It’s a quick system of cooking risotto, but with the solutions to be
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    It’s a quick system of cooking risotto, but also
    brioche and cake for breakfast
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    ect. ect….

    It’s a quick system of cooking risotto, that produces ebit and profit – and you can see and analyze our planning. Risamore is present in Verona Galassia, Verona Airport, Krakow, in Jan in Milan, and surely in March 2015 in Berlin and London.
    Now Risamore s right to organize and to set up a Flag Store and a Master Franchisee in USA with You and Relationship.

    We’re your disposal for any more informations, details, solutions

    Thanks a lot
    Massimo Gazzani

    Dott. Massimo Gazzani – Partner Studio Gazzani – Associazione di Dottori Commercialisti Esperti Contabili – Revisori legali
    Verona – Isola della Scala – Milano –
    Tax number 02263940237
    Tel. +39. 045.8006974 –

    A member of Gmn International, an Association of legally indipendent Accouting Firms,

    Email Disclaimer: This email is sent on behalf of Studio Gazzani. Its contents and any attachments are confidential and may be legally privileged. If you are not the addressee please do not copy, print, store or forward this email or any attachments, but please notify the sender immediately and then permanently delete them.
    Studio Gazzani accepts no liability for the contents of e-mails unconnected with the affairs of the firm or its clients.

  • Help! Our new startup needs angel investor capital urgently! WE requite $300,000 or we sink.

  • Dear Sir,
    My company “Robosander Corp.” have a start-up created on the basis of my invention. There is also a working model of the robot. More information and video you can see by going to my website

    To start the manufacture of robots I need working capital in the amount of $ 1,000,000. In order to create it I am ready to sell some shares or conclude a treaty. Calculated dividend of the shares 140%.

    Calculation of dividends and justification to it I am ready to send for your request individually.

    Vladimir Tsigrik
    Company’s owner.

    • I am looking for a partner in the USA to enter a joint venture with my
      funds I secured from the sale of crude oil.
      All expenses shall be covered from my side in this venture.

      All that is required is for you to present and manage any profitable
      venture that will be lucrative and the profits shall be shared
      according to our agreed percentages.Get back to me if interested.

      • I am looking for an equity share investment for an invention I’ve created that promotes our constitutional rights to bear arms and the right to home build firearms. Please take a look at my website.

        • Yes you are an investor sorry about that I have a wearable that is made for our military, Fire and rescue ,Police officers. I have Fire and rescue closing on contract in two weeks. Developer is ready to mass Perduce looking for my Angel
          Thank you from Sherry Morales the CEO of the ISB device


      • If you are still looking for a venture to invest in please contact me. I too am currently seeking an angel investor for my small business in Northern VA that is now going on 2 years and in need of expansion and survival to do so. Great marketable product and needed everyday. Looking for a good soul who wants to invest in a great opportunity and location. Possible partnership opportunity for a person with a passion for business and the food and beverage industry willing to assist in growth.

  • HELLO ,



  • Dear Angel investors,

    I am a 45 year old female who are looking for an investor to invest in my venture. I would like to built apartments and rent them out. Accommodation is a very big problem in my town especially people like teachers , nurses, police official finds it hard to buy houses on there salaries and most of them rather prefer to rent. I would like to start off by building apartments for families. The apartments will be two to three bedroom apartments. I have already allocted the premises to build the aparments my problem is funding the project. I need $500 000 to start building 20 apartments if you could assist me my email address is: I do have a business plan for my project if you need any enquiries. I hope there is a investor that would assist me in my venture.

    Merelyne 😀

  • Hello, I am looking for angel investors for my start-up. Can you please help me?

  • I am the CEO/GMD of YCEDA Grouo…one of fastest growing group of companies based in Lagos,Nigeria.We seek strategic angel investor/Partner to come and invest between $500,000 to $2,000,000usd into haulage & logistics and oil & gas business for restructuring of the companies to meet our global vision.Our has incredible returns on investment, all risk aspect can be manage through insurance.So,if you are interested to invest/partner with us,pls contact us asap on +2349032270427,+2348180770841.Thanks and God bless in advance.

  • I have started an small Plumbing Business in Belzoni And i would like to get infoe on how to get funds to get more tools and equipment

  • Good afternoon ,I am looking for investors for a new product
    This design will throw out the need for counter air fresheners
    Email me with offers please ground start up looking forward to
    hitting the market with you Thank you Sherry

  • I have invented and patented a new form of software called lexical data processing. Its performance relative to competitors is a breakthough delivering 100% data capture vs 20% data in Electronic Medical Record used by doctors and nurses, vs 1% data in staffing (LinkedIn, Monster, et al.), and vs 10% in workforce mgt (SuccessFactors SAP, Taleo, Kenexa, et al.). This is real, and can be shown in a mockup demo. Seek $500 to code it.

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