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Entrepreneurial Vision Questions

That Entrepreneurial Vision Thang Part Two

Okay, assuming that you haven’t cheated or nuthin’ ask yourself these questions:

How did I react to the exercises in part one?

Did I immediately know exactly what I was going to say in response? Or was I at a loss for words?

If I didn’t have the answers immediately, was my reaction one of excitement or reluctance about doing the exercises.

If I knew what I was going to say, was I “pumped up” or emotionally flat as I spoke?

Or did I simply respond with a silent blank expression and not bother even trying?

Let me tell you why these exercises are important. The answer is in the insight they provide you about yourself.

A startup demands high energy levels and passion from its founder. Many of the best entrepreneurs also possess the vaunted “reality distortion field” which sucks investors, buyers, suppliers, and employees into supporting their vision.

If you can’t explain clearly why you are starting a company, why you will succeed, and do so with passion and excitement, you may be headed for failure.

The good news is that with some work you can formulate an inspirational and exciting vision and list of reasons why you are the right man or woman to pull it off.

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