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That Entrepreneurial Vision Thang

Next to knowing where you are going, there is nothing like knowing that you know. Let me share an insightful story about the importance of having a clear cut and compelling vision before you even begin launching your company.

At the opening ceremonies for Disney World of Florida, someone said to Michael Vance, who was Dean of Disney University and a co-creator of Disneyland, that it was a shame that Walt had not lived long enough to see the Florida amusement park’s completion. Vance’s quick reply was that Disney World existed only because Walt Disney could in fact “see” it from the moment he began to work on the idea. What he meant was that Disney could see in his mind’s eye almost every detail of the park as he formulated the plans for it. Long before the ground was broken for construction, Disney knew exactly how it would look once completed.

You too can produce dramatic tangible results if you have a clear and inspirational vision to guide you.

So How’s Your Vision Thang?

dream business

What is your dream business?

Take this test to find out if your current startup idea passes the vision thang. It has two parts to it. Complete the first part before proceeding to the second. If you jump to the second part before then, you won’t get anywhere near as much benefit from the exercise.

Give yourself sufficient time to do this. If you work full-time you may have to spread this out over a day or weekend.

Okay, here’s part one which has three sections to it:

1. Close your eyes and imagine that the startup you are currently contemplating or actually doing is a major success twelve months from now. Then pretend that the dean of the top regional business school has invited you to speak to the graduating MBA class. Write a ten minute speech explaining how you came to select your business idea and what factors were the most important in your success with this venture.

2. Next pretend that you are being interviewed by a business magazine writer who wants you to explain which personality traits are the most important for successfully starting a business. Explain how your personality is suited to this endeavor.

3. Finally, take a few days to keep a journal in which you record the motivations and emotions which are driving you to start up a company. Try to drill deep into your subconscious for the “whys.” Why are you really doing this?

You might want to bookmark this page so that that you can return in a few days to advance to the next part.

Once, you have completed the above move onto part two.

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