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How to raise capital for your startup.

Very insightful panel discussion on successful capital formation 3ith three of Silicon Valley’s finest.

Marc Andreessen

Ron Conway

Parker Conrad

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One Response to How to Raise Startup Capital

  • To: ( Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway & Parker Conrad )
    From: Johnnie Doyle Young Jr

    I am wanting to do a Startup Business. Here is one of my ideas below this Line:
    I use to drive over 5,000.00 miles each month & found out windshield fluid will in fact freeze & it has happen several times to me. I had to pull off the road do to I could NO LONGER SEE through my windshield to drive had to wait for the windshield fluid to get heat from my running engine to warm the windshield fluid to warm up so the windshield fluid would be able to spray my fluid so I can clean off my windshield off so I can see to be able to drive. That is how I came up with this idea.
    I have drawn up schematic drawing & pictorial diagram drawing. Would like to show you this. What I want to do get a small building in Lapeer, Michigan to startup business going & build this & sell this one idea then go on building more ideas after I get this one going I have many ideas & I have them all working but I understand you need to start with one first. Please can you help me?
    Thanks if you do or do not God Bless You All & Family’s & Friends.

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