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Google Begins to Quietly Drop the Egregious Google+

As a brand, Google+ is about at toxic as you can get. Any mention of the service getting close to a Google product usually results in instant rage among the denizens of the Internet.


It’s the beginning of the end for the universally reviled and ignored service that no one asked for. We hate to say we told you so, but we told you so. The absolutely worst attempt at a social networking platform ever conceived is quietly being dropped. Mark Zuckerberg is dancing a happy jig on its grave.

Google really screwed it up. It wasn’t just the G+’s impossible to use interface that drove users mad. No, it was Google’s belligerent attempts at forcing everyone to use it. First there were the threats from Larry Page:

Ignore Google+ and Google search will ignore you. – Larry Page, Google CEO

Good-bye, Google Plus. It was not good to know you.

Good-bye, Google Plus. It was not good to know you.

When that wasn’t enough, Google forced a G+ account on everyone who had a Gmail or YouTube account.

When the masses scrambled to disable their new G+ accounts, Google borrowed a favorite Facebook tactic and started changing accounts settings so that disabled G+ accounts were reactivated magically while we slept. This was like throwing gasoline onto the fire.

Finally, with an angry mob practically ready to storm its HQ, the company conceded that G+ was a failure and that it needed to go.

The G+ mastermind then got the bum’s rush:

When Vic Gundotra, the head of Google+, suddenly announced his departure from Google today, many were left wondering “why” and what it meant for the future of Google+. He didn’t give a reason for leaving, but according to a report from TechCrunch, the likely reason is a major shakeup for Google’s social network.

In addition, “1000-1200 employees—many of which formed the core of Google+—will be moved to other divisions.”

Somewhere out there in cyber space Guy Kawasaki, Gary Vaynerchuck, and a host of other Google+ fan boys are now trying to wash the egg off their faces. They are the ones who jumped aboard the G+ bandwagon in order to sell us their books and consulting services.

Read the article on G+’s demise here.

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