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More Bad News for Google Plus

Google Plus is a loser.

Google Plus is a loser.

Imagine that you are the most powerful entity on the Internet. You are the middleman between the world’s buyers and sellers. The consumer buyers number in the billions. The corporate sellers number in the millions. You bring them together daily through billions of searches. As a result you are ranked as the #1 site on the Internet.

You then come out with another me-too social networking platform because you resent the success of Facebook. The only problem is that you’re a day late and a dollar short, as the old saying goes. The public is underwhelmed by Google Plus, to say the least.

So you decide to go Tony Soprano on them and issue threats:

Ignore Google Plus and Google search will ignore you. – Larry Page, Google CEO

This of course works to a degree. People who operate online businesses feel coerced into signing up in order avoid being penalized by the all-powerful Google.

But it all stops after the initial surge. People simply don’t return to use the platform.

Then as a last measure, you decide to go thermonuclear on their ungrateful asses. One day everyone who uses Gmail or Youtube discovers that they have a damn G+ account whether they want it or not. To make matters worse the privacy settings for your new and unwanted G+ are set to “Open Kimono for the Universe!”

Then when you witness a mad rush to disable the G+ accounts, you respond by changing how it’s done almost daily. As soon as a good Samaritan posts a video on YouTube showing how to get rid of the damned thing, you change the steps and interface.

So Google + becomes the online version of a Roach Motel, the place where you can enter but never leave.

To see that we are not exaggerating G+’s demise look at its share of social networking.  3%

People don’t want Google Plus. They don’t need Google Plus. Ninety-nine percent of people with G+ accounts never use them

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Google Plus's Dismal 3% market share.

Google Plus’s Dismal 3% market share.

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3 Responses to Google Plus is Officially the New Roach Motel

  • I am stunned and shocked. My guess would have been a 10& market share for Google Plus.

  • The only people pushing Google Plus are social media consultants.

  • Can I 1+ this? Lol.

    I find it ridiculous. I barely know anyone on g+ and yet they claim 300m users? Impossible! I have over 700 fb friends and 2 of them are on google plus… so 3% is generous.

    Love your “Open Kimono” sentence! Hillarious!

    I love google, but it’s an unnecessary competitor with little value. Pinterest and twitter serve different functions at least.

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