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Beware of domain scammers from / iGlobal Merchant Services /

We recently received an email notification to renew the registration for a domain our company owns. (Not this domain.) The email immediately set off alarms because it obviously didn’t come from our normal registrar. The email was htmled to look like an official invoice.

This is bad enough but it gets worse. These scammers were demanding $75 for a one year registration. $75?! Normal cost is about $12 these days, Einstein.

I’d include a snapshot of the invoice but there’s just too much detail in there that would have to be deleted first, so I can’t be bothered.

By the way, if you go to their website you discover that there is no website. Well, there is one page. It’s a page where you can file for a refund from something called iGlobal Merchant Services. Good luck in ever getting your money back from these con men. By the way,  iGlobal appears to be a scam service as well. Read that page for more details. Just Google “iGlobal Merchant Services” to find many more warnings.

Beware of scumbag con artists.

iGlobal  Merchant Services Scammers

iGlobal Merchant Services Scammers

Their latest domain is:

or copy the link

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