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Exploding Startup Solves the Dreaded College Move
Campus Bellhops Saves Time, Hassle and Backaches

Chattanooga, TN – (June 10th, 2013) – Parents across the US are preparing for a task that 40% compare to a root canal or waiting in line at the DMV: collegiate moving. With 14 million students attending college in the US, each moving a average of 3.5 times during their collegiate tenure, many disgruntled parents will be bribed into coming to town to help with the process.  Serving 49 college cities and counting, Campus Bellhops is the answer. (


Hot startup: Campusbellhops

Founders Cameron Doody and Stephen Vlahos launched Campus Bellhops at Auburn University in 2010. “Our first year, we set a goal of 25 student moves, and after three days we had moved 230 students.” Doody says, adding, “That’s when Stephen and I knew it was time to expand.”

With recent funding from Chattanooga TN based venture capital firm, Lamp Post Group, Campus Bellhops now employs 2,000+ part-time student “Bellhops” to execute local moves for their college communities and surrounding areas.  ( Campus Bellhops’ exponential growth comes at a time when parents would happily turn over the responsibility of moving belongings up and down flights of stairs, into dorm rooms and across town after their students’ 3rd apartment lease is up.

By exclusively employing large workforces of well-involved students and connecting them to a fully integrated online system, Campus Bellhops is capable of executing hundreds of moves per day in each of the cities they serve.  Which is especially important when you consider that 90% of all students move during the same 4 week period before the Fall semester.

“All in 4 weeks, student apartment leases expire and thousands of incoming Freshmen move to town.” Vlahos says, adding, “What makes us different is that we have the firepower to handle the demand. That, and the fact that everybody loves to work with students.”

Campus Bellhops offers it’s services to anyone within a 15 mile radius of the 49 college communities that they operate out of, including non-students. The client receives an email prior to the move that includes a picture and information on their two assigned Bellhops. Doody says, “and each one has gone through an extensive interview process so our customers can feel secure that they are getting the best of the best.”

For a list of Campus Bellhops locations, services and general information, visit and on social media:

About Campus Bellhops

What started in 2010 as a business idea with two college friends hoping to provide moving services to 25 students has mushroomed into a 2,000+ member team in 49 college towns across the U.S. Founders Cameron Doody and Stephen Vlahos recruit and train college students as Campus Bellhops ( to provide moving services in and out of dorms, apartments, houses and storage facilities at a reasonable price.

CONTACT: Cameron Doody
865-603-2793 (24/7)

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