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How Not to Run a Business

Every now and then you will meet a person who is so deluded about themselves that no feedback gets through. When this happens heed the early warning signals and run like hell. Things will not get better with time. Amy from Amy’s Baking Company is a prime example of such a walking nightmare.

This episode from Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares is about 41 minutes long and it’s worth the time investment. If you simply cannot invest that much time bookmark this post for later or at the very least watch the first 6 minutes to understand what we are talking about here. Amy and Samy Bouzaglo scream obscenities at customers who dare to point out the food is dreadfully bad and at employees for merely trying to do their jobs in a nightmarish work environment. They also pocket the tips left for their wait staff.

Samy is facing possible deportation for drug and extortion charges.

This is Amy’s Baking Company’s Twitter account. A parody account could not get any crazier.

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One Response to Amy’s Baking Company: The Restaurant from Hell

  • Samy inputs all orders into the POS. This is a very easy task to master for any waitstaff. So let’s think about this.

    Amy has been arrested for fraud. Sammy has sunk over a million dollars into this restaurant. Where the money comes from is not entirely clear.

    Seems to me these two just highly publicized their money laundering scheme. Of course Samy wants to put in the orders and not deal with tips so he can “adjust” all the bills.

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