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The focus of Startup Junkies is the startup stage which, by our definition, includes both opportunity identification and launch.

If you’re an entrepreneur who needs to get going fast with a new venture and wants to learn from others, this is the place for you.

We bring together both the theory and practice of successful startup entrepreneurship.

While our backgrounds are in the technology sector, the lessons shared here will be beneficial to almost any entrepreneur.

Our preference is for creating low-cost startup strategies so that the chump’s game of chasing outside capital can be avoided.

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Since 2004 Startup Junkies has been designing, managing, and curating a world-class ecosystem of entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, academics, mentors, advisers, consultants, and partners, in which it applies the best practices in everything from execution to deployment, launch, funding, growth, and exit.

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3 Responses to How to Successfully Launch Your Startup!

  • Neither angel investors nor venture capitalists invest in an unproven idea. What research have you done to determine there are in fact no competitors to your product? My suggestion is that if you truly believe in your idea, then you have to shoestring it with your own capital (including maxing out your credit cards), or what you can borrow from family and friends and prove that you have a marketable product.

    2 hours ago

    Ideas are a dime for 2 dozens. First, you have to have a product at least in the form of a prototype that works then you can start knocking on doors to perform your demonstration. If you are talking about a prototype of a hardware, $250K is not out of line.

    Once you have a prototype, your headache might just have begun. How do you know such product doesn’t exist anywhere in the world? How do you know it is marketable? How do you know you are not infringing other people’s patent? How do you protect yourself making sure your patent is protected for that matter?

    Get a lawyer to search for the patent, register the patent and to test the market would likely cost another $250K, easy.

    Every body has an idea of some sort. 50 years ago, some kids playing in the street, whispering on their toy watches and the other kid a block away seemed to have heard what he was whispering. Today, when you are whispering in your cell phone, the other person over the other side of the globe knows exactly what you are saying.

    Ideas? They don’t worth a squirt.

  • Found them in under 5 minutes. You guys need to try a bit harder.

  • Okay, it took me 15 minutes but I found it too. It was worth the effort. Thank you.

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