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Does anyone remember the Bee Gees? For a year or so in the 1980s they were the biggest thing in music. Their songs dominated the Top 40 chart. You couldn’t go more than 10 minutes without hearing a Bee Gees song. Everyone loved them.


Then it all changed.

It was as if the world had decided over night that it had had enough of the band and didn’t want to hear anymore.

The change was instant and, thereafter, you never heard anymore Bee Gees music.

For the past year or two Sheryl Sandberg has been the feminist version of the Bee Gees. She’s been everywhere. She seems to be a permanent front-page fixture on many tech industry news sites. You get scolded by her daily. The demands for a new affirmative action that will provide women with a 50/50 split in all positions of power are incessant and shrill. The media just bends over in the face of this one-woman carpet-bombing of America and gives her all the air-time she demands and more.

However, there is hope for humanity. The cries of “enough already!” are gaining in frequency and volume.

We at SJ believe that the time is ripe for a set of apps and plug-ins that will enable users to block this woman from their lives.


We propose two contests.

One for a browser plug-in.

And one for a smartphone app.

Both will erase this woman from memory.

Let’s do it, people!

Lets stop the scolding!

Lets stop the scolding!








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2 Responses to The Sheryl Sandberg App & Plug-in Contest

  • Okay, I’m starting on mine tonight. I already have an app out that’s done fairly well. I am sick of her too.

  • Stay tuned for the Harridan 2000! Or should that be the Harridan 2012?

    That woman is the finest example of an entitled J.A.P. You have to pity her husband.

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