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Boy did Linkedin and Reid Hoffman ever mess up with last fall’s big anti-spam move. Apparently millions of Linkediners have now lost their ability to post and carry on conversations as a result. So what happened? Well the geniuses at Linkedin decided to introduce a new feature to fight spam. The feature allows any group moderator to tag a user as a spammer and block them from posting again. However, what happens now is that the user isthen blocked from posting in any of his or her 50 groups. Before last fall, moderators only had the ability to block a user from their own group. Now it’s global.

Reid Hoffman: Let them eat cake.

Reid Hoffman: Let them eat cake.

What makes this new power so hideously unfair is that the victim cannot find out who tagged them or why. It could be any moderator in your 50 groups.

If you contact customer support they tell you it’s your problem and that you need to beg each group to restore your posting privileges. This can take months because many moderators never bother to check the Limbo known as “PostsAwaiting Review.”

But it gets worse.

Even if you struggle over a few months to regain most of your posting privileges there is nothing to stop it from happening again.

Way to go, Linkedin!

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2 Responses to Linkedin Sees Mass Revolt Among Users

  • Not quite accurate, but close. If I, as a group manager/owner, block and remove someone from my group, they are banned from my group. The are NOT blocked from any of their other groups, only placed under moderation which means anything they submit, will pass through a group manager.

    If the group is run by a virtual manager with everything set to ‘auto pilot’, then you’re screwed because no one ever looks in on the group. Sadly, I would guess that about 1/4 to 1/3 of all groups are set up this way.

    • I was apparently blocked by a group owner who moved the group to Facebook, at least for a while. I asked why twice in 3 weeks–no response. I have never made inappropriate posts or emails, unless my account was hacked.

      Now, several groups’ leaders in my field have prevented me from contacting them, and several did so while I was writing them to change my status.

      I have been falsely blacklisted. Someone must resolve this, or I will report this to appropriate authorities. I am the spouse of an Army veteran.

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