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Are Retro Frame Designs Coming Back?

Is anyone here old enough to recall sites built with frames? Yes, those really annoying box things that made a site unbearable to look at after about 10 seconds. They were popular back in the 1990s. Well, it looks like they are back.

Quartz has declared war on modern design and gone back to the 1997 look and feel.

Check it out: Quartz.

If you don’t get a queasy sea-sick feeling, let us know.

We really want to like this site and keep trying to read the articles but never finish. The nausea just quickly sets in.

It was a tragic design decision to go this route.

Hope these fellas can catch a clue.

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3 Responses to Plucky Little Quartz Goes Retro With a Geocities Design

  • Oh my that is bad. It made me feel cross-eyed. What were they thinking?

  • It’s the scroll bar in the middle that drives you crazy. Get rid of that thing!

  • LOL! I have been reading it for a few months. Here’s the trick to not getting sick. Copy and paste the article into a Word file. You can even convert the Word file to pdf and then load it unto your Kindle. Don’t go bug-eyed trying to read the site.

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