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Linkedin’s Latest Dumb Move

Looks like Linkedin is starting to make bad moves of the type that made Facebook so unpopular with users.

The latest is a change that can get a member blocked from posting in all 50 of their groups if just one group moderator takes a disliking to them and flags them as a spammer. You don’t even need to be a real spammer to get flagged this way. All it can take is a simple disagreement with a moderator over politics or anything else. If they decide to block you their only option is to flag you as a spammer. There is no other option such as say “We disagree politically.”

Reid Hoffman

Why should Zuckerberg be the only one to have fun screwing over his customers? – Reid Hoffman

Once you are blocked from posting in all of your groups, it becomes next to impossible to get unblocked for a number of reasons. One is that many moderators rarely check the queue of posts requiring moderation. Another is that you often find that you cannot PM the moderator because the two of you are not connected. Other mods simply cannot be bothered to take a minute out of their schedules to help out or don’t understand how they can re-approve you for posting.

Great job, Linkedin! Mark Zuckerberg is probably scratching his head right now asking himself how he might copy this move.


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5 Responses to Linkedin Goes Facebook and Screws Up its Users

  • Linkedin groups are festering pits of flamewars so I can see this being used unjustly.

  • I think this is what happened to me last December. Suddenly my posts stopped appearing but I never really looked into it.

  • Nice move, Reid! This is going to go over well with professionals.

  • Linkedin has definitely gone downhill over the past year. The glitches in their platform are endless. Half the time you get an error message. Not surprised to hear about this either.

  • This is probably why they got rid of the Answers section. That was the place where users could complain and protest. Not anymore. There’s no place where users have a voice in how Linkedin is run.

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